The Wednesday Flyover Replay 6/26/2024

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The Wednesday Flyover Replay,
Presented by Russell Sherrard,
Narrated by Artificial Intelligence,
Wednesday, June 26, 2024,

Good Morning! On this day in 1927, the Cyclone, one of the world’s most famous wooden roller coasters, opened at Coney Island in New York City. It remains in operation to this day.

Today’s newsletter is far-ranging, from a U.S. rocket stuck in space to a rare baseball triple play to a very serious group of young Finns prancing about on hobby horses.

We hope you enjoy the wide variety of stories in your daily read of The Flyover!

Take Off,
Julian Assange Freed in Plea Deal,

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been freed from a U.K. prison after reaching a plea agreement with U.S. prosecutors. He has been in some form of confinement for 14 years.

Assange will plead guilty to one felony count of illegally obtaining classified information in a U.S. court in the Northern Mariana Islands, a distant U.S. territory in the Western Pacific, early Wednesday morning.

After the hearing, Assange will fly to Australia, his home country, where his wife, Stella, and their two young sons, who have never seen him outside of custody, will greet him.

A U.S. federal grand jury indicted Assange in 2019 for illegally obtaining and sharing classified information about the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. He has been in British custody since then, fighting extradition to the United States.

Starliner Remains Stuck in Space,

Boeing’s Starliner’s return to Earth has already been delayed three times due to leaks and other problems, and the spacecraft remains docked at the International Space Station indefinitely, according to NASA.

The capsule, carrying astronauts Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams, launched on June 5 and was supposed to return on June 14 following a short visit to the ISS. NASA says the earliest possible return is now an unspecified date in July.

NASA officials permitted Boeing to launch despite a small helium leak after determining it wasn’t dangerous. However, the Starliner developed four additional leaks in orbit, and five thrusters failed.

Boeing reports that four thrusters are now fixed, but they’re still investigating the cause of the issues.

April Home Prices Hit Record High,

Home prices hit another record high in April, rising 6.3% compared with the year before. It marks the second straight month prices jumped at least 1% over the previous all-time high.

The cost of buying a home is 46% higher than it was in early 2020, with the median sale price now five times the nation’s median household income.

This week, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen announced new steps to address the housing crisis as it becomes a bigger issue in the election campaign. The investments include $100 million over three years to support affordable housing efforts.


The New York court that convicted Donald Trump has partially lifted its gag order on the former President, allowing him to talk about witnesses and jurors but still barring him from public comments about the prosecutors or the judge’s family.

Hunter Biden’s license to practice law in Washington D.C. was suspended Tuesday following his conviction this month on federal gun charges. The D.C. bar also began a formal investigation to see if he should be disbarred.

Federal judges in Missouri and Kansas blocked much of the Biden administration’s student loan repayment plan, limiting the scope of the White House effort to reduce their loan repayments.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a law banning the intentional release of helium balloons into the sky in Florida as a conservation effort, under penalty of a $150 fine. Children under the age of 6 are exempt from the fines.

Sports and Entertainment,

The Philadelphia Phillies pulled off the first triple play of the MLB season on Monday to help them defeat the Detroit Tigers 8-1. It is the first 1-3-5 triple play since 1929.

Olympic champion Athing Mu will not get a chance to defend her title in the women’s 800-meter race after tripping on another runner during the Olympic trials. Mu filed an appeal, saying other runners impeded her, but the request was denied.

Tennessee defeated Texas A&M 6-5 to win its first Men’s College World Series title. Dylan Dreiling was named series MVP after going 7 for 12 with 7 RBIs.


Big Stock Move:  Regis Corp. stock soared 304% Tuesday on news that the beauty salon giant had signed a credit loan agreement to retire the company’s existing debt.

Hooters is closing dozens of locations across multiple states, including Florida and Texas, citing economic challenges such as rising food and labor costs.

Tesla announced the fourth recall of its Cybertruck on Tuesday to fix problems with trim pieces that can come loose and front windshield wipers that can fail.

Perkins, the 66-year-old restaurant chain, announced a rebrand with a new logo in vintage script and new menu items like the double bacon avocado crunch burger.

Science and Tech,

A Chinese lunar probe returned safely to Earth Tuesday carrying the first samples ever of rocks and soil gathered on the moon’s far side. The volcanic rocks are estimated to be 2.5 million years old.

Meanwhile, toxic debris from a Chinese rocket launching a satellite fell on a village in western China, sending residents fleeing. Chinese officials banned residents from continuing to film it.

In addition to heart disease, hypertension, and cancer, ultra-processed foods like sodas, chips, and breakfast cereal are now also linked to chronic insomnia, a new study finds.

The Rotator,
Wisdom Wednesday,

A business school professor reveals the No. 1 trait that sets highly successful people apart, emphasizing its importance for achieving success: adaptability.

For people with a problem getting started, a productivity expert offers a simple five-second trick to stop procrastinating.

This simple “Monday math” technique can help you live your best life.


The Associated Press announced it would create an independent sister organization to raise at least $100 million to expand state and local news.

Hobbyhorsing is real, and the Finnish Hobbyhorse Championships took place earlier this month in Finland. And yes, the surreal action looks as silly as it sounds.

The Nashville Zoo welcomed the arrival of an adorable Red River hog piglet, born on June 14.

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