3 Simple eBook Marketing Tips to Help You Sell More of Your Digital Books by Edward Aigbokhae

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BooksIf you can apply the following 3 simple eBook marketing tips discussed in this article, it will help you to sell more of your electronic books online without breaking the bank. As you may already know, writing an eBook and successfully publishing it on the web is not the end of the story. In short, it is the beginning of a journey of an e-author who wants to make money with eBooks for the long term. To this end, effective eBook marketing is critical to your success online.

The following tips will help you to increase your eBook sales as an author.

Build an Email List as Quickly as Possible

Up till this stage, I believe you have researched and chosen a profitable eBook idea. You have also determined the size of your target market using keyword research tool and you are convinced that it is a good idea to write an eBook on the topic in question. With this in mind, you can start building an email list of subscribers in your niche market as quickly as possible. The purpose is to build your tribe that will trust you and be willing to listen to you when you write or say something.

It is easier to sell your eBook to people who already know you than to total strangers. Beyond that, you can also use your list for surveys and discover additional information you can include in your information product. During product launch, you will sell more of your eBooks if you already have an email list of potential buyers to reach out to. With your relationship with them, you should be able to know your target market’s needs and wants in advance and then provide spot-on solutions to them.

For you to set up a list building system properly, you need an ESP (Email Service Provider), a landing page to place an opt-in form and a free eBook, special report, or video to give away as an incentive for people who will be subscribing to your email list. You can quickly create a free eBook from your initial research by answering basic questions that your target audience is asking.

But you have to make sure you are providing quality information to your readers to make it worthwhile. You want to be recognized as an expert or authority on the subject starting with your free eBook. Ultimately, it will positively rub on your future eBook marketing efforts when you finally launch it.

Start a Blog

Blogging has become a potent internet marketing method to build followers, fans and readers base in any niche market. Through this medium, you can write and publish SEO articles regularly on different topics related to your eBook idea and market that your target audience will find useful and helpful. By interacting with your blog readers through the comments section of your blog, you will be able to elicit additional information to include in your intellectual property which will enhance the quality of your electronic book.

It is simple and cheap to start a blog if you register a domain name and buy website hosting. You can use the same domain for your eBook sales landing page to build a blog by installing it on a directory. In order to get free targeted traffic to your website from search engines, it is important you target low competition keywords related to your market. There are lots of free keyword research tools out there that you can use to find long tail keyword phrases to target.

Build Social Media Presence

Social networking is now an integral part of a successful online marketing. Every activity on the internet is gravitating towards “community relationship.” In other words, you are alone in your own world if nobody can identify with you through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, just to mention a few.

eBook marketing is all about reaching out to more potential buyers and people who will be interested in your work and by creating awareness for your digital product before, during and after launching your electronic book. You have to bear in mind that marketing your eBook is an ongoing system which requires consistency and persistence.

In order to maximize your social media presence, you have to start optimizing your profile pages on all of these social media networks after signing up. Use the search functions on these websites to find your target audience and start building relationship with them. Always remember that selling more of your eBooks can only be achieved through relationship building and constant marketing.

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