Ask the Author Podcast: Author Interview with Lydia Chapman Blair 2/26/2020

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by Russell Sherrard

Ask the Author Podcast
Ask the Author Podcast

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This podcast conducts candid and insightful interviews with Christian Independent Authors. Ever wanted to know what your favorite authors favorite food is. Want to know what your favorite author does in his/her spare time. You’ll find the answer here. Our Interview this week is with Lydia Chapman Blair.


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About the Author:

Lydia Chapman BlairLydia C. Blair is a wife, mother, ordained minister, certified life coach, and the founder of Freedom Reigns Ministries. Her passion is to lead people into a deep relationship with Christ and help them get “unstuck” in whatever holds them back. She has been speaking in churches, ministries, small groups, and conferences, for many years, but decided that writing is as another avenue that she could help others along their journey. She is proof that the Lord can take someone who has had many obstacles in their way and will show Himself to be all He has promised to be. Lydia married her high school sweetheart, has an amazing daughter who is a treasure sent from the God. She is also a momma to the sweetest border terrier/teacup Chihuahua named Max and a ferocious cat named Bob Kitty. When Lydia isn’t ministering, or writing , she is creating lasting memories through making her family bust with laughter. Her motto is: “you get one life, make the best of it. Always love Jesus first, never be afraid to love deeply, apply yourself to learn, “do your work” to be the best you can be, and have fun!”

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