Author Interview: 10 Questions with Kelly Hagen

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Our interview today is with Kelly Hagen. Thank you Kelly for being here today and for agreeing to do this interview.

Question: What do you think prepared you or qualifies you to write in your chosen genre?

Answer: I guess I’d have to answer this the best way I know how – God. Once my children’s book (Jake and Jesus) was published two years ago, I had no intention of writing anything else. Needless to say, God said otherwise. He puts on my heart what to write, and I type.

Question: Tell us about working with any people who help you create your books — Do you use Beta readers? Hire an editor or proofreader? How do you get your covers?

Answer: This is my first young adult/adult book I’ve written, so yes I used Beta readers, and an editor. I would have enjoyed trying to create the cover myself, but I had no idea where to even start. So, I ended up hiring someone for that too. All the people who helped me out in the different areas where wonderful to work to with.

Question: What is the “message” of your writing? (For example, is your purpose to encourage old-fashioned values, encourage romance, or do you have different purposes in different books?)

Answer: I write to bring encouragement to others. No matter what we are going through, or how old we are, it’s important to keep our eyes focused on Jesus. “Jake and Jesus” and “Haunted by the Past” both point you in that direction.

Question: What’s the worst trouble you ever had with getting a book written (plots, finding needed information, getting a cover done)?

Answer: I don’t know that I would call it trouble, but sometimes waiting on God to give me the rest of the story is hard. If it were up to me (thank goodness it isn’t) I would like having a book done in a day or two! But as I wait and trust in Him, He leads me when the time is right, and everything works out for the best.

Question: What is your current WIP?

Answer: Right now I’m working on Trent’s (you meet him in “Haunted by the Past) story. His background, the things he had to face to get to where he is today. Things that helped build and establish his faith and trust in the Lord.

Question: How many books do you have out?

Answer: I currently have three books out. One for children: “Jake and Jesus”, and one for young adults/adults “Haunted by the Past” and my latest “Trent”. I’m hoping to finish up a book I started on before “Haunted by the Past” was started. I’m praying it will be out next year some time.

Haunted by the Past


Jake and Jesus



Question: Are their characters/stories/scenes/etc based on anything in real life?

Answer: So far nothing I’ve written is based on any real life situations. Although, “Jake and Jesus” was written with my children in mind.

Question: What is your favorite book/character?

Answer: Apart from the Bible I can’t say I have a favorite book. I do enjoy reading Christian Historical Romance books, as well as books like “This Present Darkness” by Frank Peretti.

Question: Tell us one place you want to visit, or person you want to meet, and why.

Answer: I hope to one day visit Tennessee. Why? I’ve heard it’s really beautiful there. Who wouldn’t want to see more of God’s creation?




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Haunted by the Past link:


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