Book Release: Letsi and the Labyrinth by Cynthia P. Willow

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Letsi and the Labyrinth
Letsi and the Labyrinth
Letsi and the Labyrinth Kindle edition is on sale for 99 cents for a very limited time. 
Fourteen-year-old Letsi wants to know why the labyrinth is forbidden. Tragedy forces her to move in with her wealthy aunt, where the labyrinth consumes her thoughts and gives her hope for a new adventure. 

Her late uncle created the maze, but only one person alive knows the treasure it holds. Letsi’s aunt has warned her to stay away from it, but she is much too curious. 

Once she discovers her uncle’s blueprints, she begins a quest to unlock the secrets within the labyrinth. But someone else wants the treasure and will stop at nothing to find it. 

Can Letsi solve the puzzle and discover what her uncle meant to stay hidden, or has she put herself in more danger than she can handle?
About the Author:
Cindee Pruitt Bumpus
Cynthia loves to spin stories in the shade of the willow tree…when she’s not home schooling her teenagers or reading to her toddler. She’s also a student in her 5th year with Liberty University. She loves Jesus and has many stories to share about faith. She resides in Georgia with her husband and three children.
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