Book Spotlight: Killer Video Conversions – 1/23/2019 – 22-Page PDF $1.00

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by Russell Sherrard

Book Spotlight

Killer Video Conversions
Turn Viewers Into Do-ers!

by Russell Sherrard


Killer Video Conversions
Killer Video Conversions

“Turn Viewers Into Do-ers!”

“Discover The 7 Brutally Effective, Secret Video Techniques That Literally Force Viewers Away From YouTube And Straight To Your Website……Time After Time!”

Here’s what else you’ll discover:

How To Correctly Craft Your Title: It stands to reason…You won’t get any visitors if nobody watches your video. Copy the psychological strings I pull to suck people in…fast (page 9)

Don’t Fight _____ ______, How To Use It Your Advantage: One of the simplest, yet brutally effective ways to increase your conversions is to make your visitors ______! (page 11)

A Criminally Under-Used, Yet Strikingly Powerful Technique: Force viewers to your website…easily…by stealing this method, dating back to the silent picture era (page 12) 

 3 Reasons Why ‘Watermarking’ Your Videos Isn’t As Effective As You Might Think, And What You Can Do About It: Willie Crawford called this ‘Brilliant’ when he saw it… (page 13) 

Using _________ Gets Eyeballs. Lots Of Them: Apart from a slideshow of semi-naked Swedish models, this is just about the quickest way to get people talking about your videos! (page 14) 

Why You Should ______ The ______ From More Popular Videos: This is a no-brainer. Don’t even think about uploading a video until you do this (page 16) 

I Even Talk About Some White & Grey-Hat Ways To Improve Your Traffic: Do they pass the test? (page 20)

This 22 page PDF ebook comes with Master Resell Rights.

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