Book Spotlight: Lainey Sparks

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by Russell Sherrard

Book Spotlight:

Lainey Sparks
by Laura Marshall

Lainey Sparks

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What do you do when all you’ve thought important seems like a charade?

Meet Lainey Sparks, worship leader turned Christian recording artist. People look to her to lead them to God but she doesn’t know her motives anymore. Then she’s introduced to Nick DeAngelo, a man with a secret. Could he ruin her reputation and ultimately her career? Or is he the only one she knows to lean on when tragedy strikes?

The first book in the Faith & Fame series:

Lainey Sparks – Lead Singer of Christian Band, Depth

Stormy Towne – Heiress to the Towne Fortune

Red Walker –  Executive Office to MacKenzie Oil

Nick eyed Colin’s retreating form, afraid to look down at the desk. With a sigh, he pulled his chair back around from where it’d spun and sat down. Pulling the newspaper close, he opened it flat, reading the headline, Lainey Sparks LA Lovin’. Disgusted, he forced his eyes to focus on the pictures. A lot of leg showing in one, Lainey was seated in a limo with a man bending forward kissing her cheek. There were more photos of them holding hands, smiling, and a grainy photo of them seated eating dinner.

His heart tore. He wanted to gasp and shake his head violently, expelling the images. But he fought it as every nerve-ending in his flesh beat at his brain to move and react. He neatly folded the paper, opening the briefcase at his feet to shove it inside. All the world’s a stage and he was its number one sucker. This is what I get for falling in love with a star.

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