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by Russell Sherrard

Being frustrated with not getting sales for my own books I knew that I could not depend on Facebook and Twitter to promote my books. I realized that I was just “preaching to the choir”. Being in other author groups it seemed that other authors were having the same problem.  

So I wrote a web site to help sell, not only my own books, but also the books of fellow christian authors. The name of the website is Christian Non-Fiction eBook Store and it is found at Why Christian? I am a Christian and I write Christian books to strengthen Christians and to reach the lost that I am commanded to do by God. Why Non-Fiction? I debated long and hard on this one. I could have opened it up to Christian Fiction also. But after being in this business for some years, I have seen some of the “so called” Christian Fiction covers it became obvious to me that covers were made to gain sales by being as close to the worlds standards and not to Christian Standards. While I agree that the content of such books may be good, fine, and insightful and tell a good story the covers take away from the message. To get around that I decided to only post NonFiction and not post any Fiction. Why eBooks? This is the format that I know best and the fastest to get to market. I do have one Paperback but it just takes me too much time to get a book out. So I only post eBooks.  

It is my desire, over time, to make this site the biggest, or one of the biggest Christian Non-Fiction eBook Store on the Internet.  

I am still making some cosmetic changes to the site but every week I will be adding new books to each of the 11 categories and if necessary add new categories as new books are added. Which brings me to the following statement, If you are a Christian Author, have Non-Fiction books and those books are in the eBook format give me the Name of the book, the Amazon URL, and the Category you want it to appear in and I will add your book to the Store. Send your request to russellsherrard at reagan dot com and I will add your book as soon as possible. In the interest of full disclosure, I am an Amazon Affiliate which means, I attach my affiliate ID to the URL of your book. If your book sells by the user clicking on your book from my site and ultimately buys I get a small advertising fee. 

Thanks for your prayers for this effort and I look forward to adding your books and the books of others very soon.

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