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This is not a marketing post but rather a prayer request. Laura J. Marshall the owner of Christian Book Finds is doing a GoFundMe page to upgrade Christian Book Finds and move it from Blogger to WordPress. She cannot apply for a business loan due to her husband being without work because of health reason. This is a ministry and not a business. I would covet your prayers for this endeavor and if you are able to contribute to this cause. Here is the Post that Laura posted on her blog:
I’m so excited! I’ve found a designer for a new Christian Book Finds site! Blogger has been having a lot of issues lately and I also feel like we could be experiencing more of a friendship and community of readers and believers.
It will be a beautiful experience with the same sale and free books daily, but I am looking to include an area for prayer requests, talking about books, and including book chats with authors and prizes!
I have applied for a small business loan, but CBF is more ministry-related than business without a large income. With my husband out of work for almost a year due to his health, I’d prefer not to take out a loan and burden our family further.
I’m trusting God to come up with the funds and one of those ways is that I’ve started a Go Fund Me campaign. If you’d like to donate to help build our little neighborhood, here is the link. If everyone donated just $1 we’d be there in no time.
I would also covet your prayers over this endeavor.
Thank you so much!
The Link for the GoFundMe Page is:

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