Key to Speed


Inside you’ll discover a 3 day program teaching you various legato soloing techniques that will get you humming 16th, even 32nd notes just like your guitar heroes.

Some of the greats who use legato speed techniques are Slash from Guns N’ Roses/Velvet Revolver, Joe Satriani, and Steve Vai. Legato, which means “smooth and connected,” allows you to play very fast, very easily all over the neck of your guitar once mastered.



That’s why this method is going to be so much fun.

All of what I’m going to show you is based on hammer-ons and pull-offs, without any focus on your picking hand.

Some would call it lazy guitar speed. While techniques like shredding can take years to develop, legato playing is right around the corner for you. 3 days away actually.

It’s in my strong opinion that legato speed techniques shouldn’t be abused throughout your entire songs or jam sessions, annoying your listeners and bandmates. Rather, solo with blazing speed along with your melodic phrases and riffs.



No one likes a guitarist with the head the size of a zeppelin.

On that note, get ready to unlock the Key to Speed in your guitar playing!

This PDF ebook is just $1.00!



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