Cycling for Life

Using the term cycling for life, of course, had double meaning. On the one hand, it’s a sport that you may enjoy for your entire lifetime. On the other hand, this sport approached through routine exercise may very well extend your life, and in this way makes your life healthier.

Who wouldn’t want to shed pounds while seeing the world at the same time, even if that world were your own community?

Cycling, as a sport, has grown tremendously in the last decade. And, thanks to stationary bikes, depending upon where you live, is a year-around activity.


Heading into the sunset with the wind at your back

Bicycle Apparel and Gear

Bicycle Types

Bicycle Seats and Comfort Bikes Make Cycling for Life Easier

Biking Accessories Make Cycling for Life Easier

Biking Trailers and Cargo Bags Make Cycling for Life Easier

Competitive Cycling is a Phenomenon

Cycling as a Family Activity

Cycling as an Excellent Form of Exercise

Cycling to Better Health

Cycling for Cardio Health

Cycling for Life in the Best Biking Cities

Great Bike Trails Around the United States

Cycling for Life By Biking to Work

Travel Trips for Cyclers

How to Get Started

Making the Most of Cycling With Biking Events

Making the Most of Cycling With Organized Bike Rides

My neighbor is into biking like no one else

The Cycling Vacation

No mud puddles to worry about on this bike

So, you’re looking for a exercise program

The Health Benefits of Cycling for Life

The Environmental Benefits of Cycling for Life

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