The Secret of the Reef


Exciting Treasure Hunt Adventure!

It was a forlorn hope. Though for a time the men could not be stopped, the rioters closed in behind them, cutting off support.

They could not keep up the rush, and presently they gained only a foot or two by desperate struggling. Clay knew their position was now dangerous…..

The strikers‟ passions were unloosed and no mercy would be shown; but this did not matter so long as he could leave his mark on some of his foes before they got him down.

He fought with a cold fury that helped him to place his blows, and the long bar made havoc among the strikers; but soon he was hemmed in, with his back to a lumber pile, and he knew the end was near.

Bruised, dazed, and bleeding, he stood wielding his weapon and sternly watching for a chance to strike……

This 298 page PDF ebook comes with Master Resell Rights. 

Just $1.00

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