Style in Singing


IF the practical education of the singer be analyzed, it will be found to comprise four fundamental elements:

(1) POSE: or Emission of voice;

(2) TECHNIQUE: or the discipline of the voice considered as a musical instrument;

(3) STYLE: or the application of the laws of artistic taste to the interpretation of vocal music;

(4) RÉPERTOIRE: or the choice, in the literature of vocal music, of works most suited to the voice, temperament and individuality of the particular singer.

I have classed these four elements in their relative order. They are, however, of equal importance. Until the Pose and Technique of a voice are satisfactory, attempts to acquire Style are premature.

On the other hand, without Style, a well-placed voice and an adequate amount of Technique are incomplete; and until the singer’s education has been rounded off with a Répertoire adapted to his individual capabilities, he is of little practical use for professional purposes.

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