Kill Spam!

Warning: Spam emails are more than just annoying. They are a main distributor of viruses that can wipe out your computer..
That's Why You Need To "KILL SPAM!"

"Learn How To Rid Your Computer of Unwanted Junk Mail Without Falling For Traps That will Actually Make The Problem Worse!"

Just take a look at what you'll find inside:

Understand what Spam is and what Spam isn't.

Learn how your email address is often collected by spammers – often with YOUR consent.

Unsubscribing MAY do more harm then good.

Learn a simple trick that can help you misdirect Spammers.

Why your personal website is likely a major factor in the amount of Spam you receive.

4 reasons why complaining to a Spammer's Internet Service Provider is mostly just a waste of time.

And there's MUCH more – guaranteed!

This PDF ebook normally sells for $17.00 but it can be yours for just $1.00!


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