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The Lake of the Sky



Stories About Animals

In the following pages are grouped together anecdotes illustrative of the peculiarities of different animals—mostly quadrupeds—their habits, dispositions, intelligence, and affection.

Anecdotes of the Habits & Instincts of Animals

Of all bears, the grizzly is said to be the most formidable, both for size and ferocity, and Mr. Ruxton tells the following anecdote, in which one of them makes a conspicuous figure:—


The Romance of Plant Life


Interesting Descriptions of the Strange and Curious in the Plant World!

Squirrels and Other Fur-Bearers

Enjoy teaching your kids about animals and nature!

Beautiful Ferns


Reference Book for Ferns of North America

The Watchers of the Trails

The stories of which this volume is made up are avowedly fiction. They are, at the same time, true, in that the material of which they are moulded consists of facts,—facts as precise as painstaking observation and anxious regard for truth can make them.

Birds in Flight


Beautifully Illustrated and Loaded with Fascinating Information on Many Species of Birds

The Wonders of the Jungle Books 1 & 2

The Wonders of the Jungle includes two pdf ebooks!

Mother Nature’s Toy Shop


MOTHER NATURE is every bit as fond of the little folks in her human family as of the grown-ups,

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