Featured Book of the Week from Christian Nonfiction Book Store: Something’s Not Right: One Family’s Journey Through Dyslexia 10/28/2020

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Featured Book of the Week

Something’s Not Right

One Family’s Journey Through Dyslexia

by Staci Stallings

Somethings Not Right
Somethings Not Right

“Something’s Not Right” is the book I never thought I would write. It is our family’s story of our journey through the confusing, confounding maze that is dyslexia. Deeply personal, “Something’s Not Right” walks the reader through each step we took to find solutions for my son’s dyslexia.

If you are a parent with a child who either has dyslexia or a child who is struggling to read or to succeed in school, then this is the book for you. It will give you practical solutions to the vexing problems your child faces every day. It will help you understand the underlying issues, and it will help you navigate your way to finding actual help in a sea of questions that oftentimes make as little sense to you as they do for your child.

Don’t struggle anymore! Dyslexia is not the permanent death of success it seems to be. It’s time to break free and help your child become the amazing kid God made them to be. There are answers, and this book is the place to start!

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