Featured eBook of the Week: How to Market Your Home Business Part 2

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Each week we feature an eBook from Sherrard’s eBook Resellers eBook Store. This week the featured eBook is How to Market Your Home Business from the Business Category.


Here is an excerpt.

Choosing a Home Business
One of the first steps in choosing a home business is determining what you are interested in and what your talents are. You can either start your own company, or join a company that provides a home business opportunity. One of the first things you should do is write down all of the things you are interested in:

For example:

flea marketing

The next thing you could do is write down exactly what you want to accomplish with your business:

earn a good living
be able to quit job and work business full time
help people
market offline and online

Now you want to kind of put these lists together and make a plan on how you can accomplish your goals with your interests. Your business could be a
collectibles and antiques business. You could publish an ezine on antiques, how to buy them, where to get them, what to look for at flea markets and so on.

Write informative, interesting articles on these subjects to put in your antique ezine. You could also include movie memorabilia and collectibles.
By selling some of your products on Ebay, you could make a good income. On your site, you could also have a section where you help other people get
started in similar businesses. The possibilities are endless! The more you organize your thoughts, the more ideas you will get.

There are affiliate programs with all kinds of products to help add to your online income. Look around the Clickbank Marketplace for the products
you need. http://hop.clickbank.net?webcentral/marketplace After you decide what your business will be, then is the time to decide if you want to start your own business or join an existing company that offers a home business opportunity that compliments your interests. Finding an existing opportunity can save you some time and money, but you must choose wisely.

MLM – This type of company usually requires you to purchase so much a month. You can recruit others to join you and make sales as well. MLM companies usually are set up in a way that you have very little control of your own business. In essence, you are just selling for them for a commission. If you truly want your own business that you control, we would not recommend an MLM. We do apologize if this offends anyone, but it is our opinion formed from personal experience.

Non-MLM – With non-MLM, you are selling without having to recruit a downline. You do not have to rely on your downline for sales. An ebook store, such as Seymour Products, would fall under this category. With an ebook store , you have control over your own business and all profits you make go to you. You do not earn a commission and do not have to wait to get paid.

Service Provider – If you want to provide a service rather than sell products, you can start your own business doing what you love to do. For example: If you love to organize parties, you could start a party planning service. You would offer to plan, organize and coordinate birthday parties, anniversaries, graduation, etc. There are lots of people who do not have the time, talent or desire to do all this themselves.

Now after this decision is made, it is time to write out your business plan. Write in detail what you want your business to be and the steps you must climb to attain that your goal.

For more help in writing your business plan, go to:


You can also find business plan templates in the Microsoft Word 2003

If you write down your ideas and interests, organize all your goals, you can combine these two lists into a profitable online business. In combining your interests with your goals you can plan a customized business that you will be passionate about. Thus, your chances of success will be much higher!

Starting your own home business is an exciting and possibly profitable venture. To all of you who choose to take the plunge into home business
ownership, we salute you and wish you much success!

Setting Up Your Home Office
Even if you only have a corner of your home for your office, you want to make sure it is set up efficiently and professionally. Some of the things you will need are:

Computer (if you will be marketing online)
Printer (for making up flyers, etc and keeping records)
Lamp/Light (make sure your work area is well-lit)
Desk /work area
Chair (be sure and have a comfortable one)
File system (can be a cabinet or just a filing folder)
Bookcase (for keeping books, manuals, and other supplies)
Various office supplies such as pens, pencils, stapler, scissors, tape, paper, notepads, paper clips, etc.

If you are going to be shipping products, you will need shipping supplies such as tape, boxes, bubble wrap, scale. These are the basic items for a
home office, but you may find you need some items not listed here. You want to make sure you pick a spot that is relatively quiet and undisturbed – not a high traffic area in your home. You will also want a place that is light and airy. You don’t want to suffocate while working! 😉 Everyone is different, so you want to set things up to work for you. If you are right handed or left will be a factor in how you arrange your office.
Other factors could also be involved. Try different ways to see which way works best for you.

Make your office/work area pleasant and enjoyable to be around. I like to place family photos all around to relax me when I get frustrated and/or
overwhelmed and to also remind me of why I am working at home. I also have some little doo-dads my husband and kids gave to me or made for me.
This makes a big difference in the “feel” of the space. Be sure and keep your office organized. A home office must be as efficient and professional as any office in a corporate building.

Come back next time for Part 3. If you would like to buy it now here is the link: How to Market Your Home Business

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