How To Make Money Using Fiverr – It’s Easier Than You Think by Richard I Moore

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BooksIn this article I want to talk about how to make money using Fiverr. Now if you are not familiar with Fiverr it’s a website where you complete tasks for people & they pay you, yup you guessed it, a fiver!

What sort of tasks? Well anything really, it may be to write an article for them, build a single page website, advertise their business, design a logo. Honestly the list really is endless.

It’s all about you being able to do something that maybe someone else can’t, or can’t be bothered. Like any business model they pay you for a service.

How To Make Money Using Fiverr

You may be scratching your head now trying to think of what you can do, so let me help you with that. There are other websites out there that can make these jobs very simple for you. For example why not offer a gig (that’s what Fiverr call the jobs you offer) to design & supply a 3D eBook image. You may not have a clue how to go about doing that but if you go to a site like they will generate a 3D eBook image for you, all you do is design it how you want it in an easy 3 step process.

Content writing, there’s another one. If you have been reading other posts on here, then chances are you are already researching & honing your writing skills anyway. This way you can practice & get paid for it.

Maybe you have a Twitter or Facebook account with a large number of friends or followers, you could offer a gig to tweet or post something to advertise someones business.

Translation, can you speak a second language? If not there are plenty of free online translation services (be careful doing it that way though, as some don’t get it quite right) offer a gig to translate articles.

Some people offer the service of writing & compiling a CV or covering letter for job applications.

Honestly the list really is endless. So If you are not familiar with Fiverr I would advise clicking in the link, & have a browse around all the different categories, you will be amazed at what’s on there.

Write a list of the gigs you think you could offer, sign up for a free account & you’re set!

Oh & don’t worry about it just being a fiver, you can offer “add ons” at extra cost too, that’s also an excellent way of increasing your income on there. Have a look at other peoples ads & learn from them.

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