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Barbara J. Shelton

Beginning this week we will be posting reviews exclusively. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we will post one review. For the next 2-3 months I will post reviews that have already been posted elsewhere. After that two months I will open this up for people who want their book reviewed. I want this to become THE place where writers come to get reviews. Now, knowing my limitation about giving reviews, it would be next to impossible to have a steady stream of reviews for you my readers. So I have acquired the services of a dear Christian lady that I met on Facebook. She does this exclusively for 2 publications as well as her own blogs. Her name is Barbara J. Shelton and where I met and got to know her was through the group on Facebook, Authors, Bloggers, Writers, Readers and Books,

Here is Barbs profile so you can see that she is an expert in the field of doing reviews:

Barb is married to Jack Shelton, a retired military officer and lives in Arlington, Texas. Having been married for thirty nine years, Barb and Jack share eight children between them, (His, Mine, Ours); 19 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. Barb was born and raised in Enterprise, Kansas. She is musically inclined and is a retired church music director. A former Weight Watcher lecturer, she has had many interesting and unusual jobs, including working for a private detective, defense attorney, office manager for a video production company and administrative assistant to two different pastors. She is involved in volunteer and church activities, and describes herself as creative, friendly and can talk with anyone. “I am a Christian and love to spread God’s love and enjoy making others smile and lift up their day.”

Barb is a Certified Lay Speaker and Lay Leader of her congregation at the United Methodist Church of the Covenant in Arlington, TX where she now sings with the same choir she directed over 30 years ago! She wishes to write a book one day. “I’ve been through several soap operas in my lifetime and lived to tell about them.”

Barb is the writer of two blogs, Passing it Forward and
Blessed by Grace,
both of which she invites you to drop by to visit one day.
She has formed two groups on Facebook – Authors, Bloggers, Writers, Readers & Books
and Creating for God,
as well as a Page for Authors, Bloggers, Writers, Readers & Books

All interested in any of these are welcome to drop by and join.

Welcome Barbara, we are glad to have you here and look forward to your insightful and thoughtful reviews.

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