Songs and Hymns and Spiritual Songs 5/15/2024

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Psalms Hymns Spiritual Songs

I miss all the old hymns and songs. I could not find the old songs anywhere together so I decided to make my own. That’s why I believe the old saying that in the early Church aside for preaching the people learned doctrine from their music. You certainly would not find doctrine in any of the music that is played today in churches. Each week I will play/listen to several songs hymns and spiritual songs.

All the audio and lyrics in this list is in the Public Domain so you can freely share all of them and Please do.

I have added the lyrics for the previously published Songs, Hymns and Spiritual Songs and added 5 new Songs Hymns and Spiritual Songs audio as well as lyrics.

Be Still My Soul

Be Thou My Vision

Beams of Heaven As I Go

Beneath the Cross

Blessed Assurance

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