The American Family Robinson by B. W. Belisle

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The Adventures of a Family Lost in the Great Desert of the West

Chapter First.
Mr. Duncan’s Discontentment.
He starts for the West.

Chapter Second.
The Journey.
Buffalo hunt.
Anne and Edward lost.
They discover an old fort.
Fight with a Wolf.
Take refuge in a Tree.
Rescued by Howe and Lewis.
Return to the Camp.

Chapter Third.
Howe’s Story of a singular piece of Metal.

Chapter Fourth.
Their journey continued.
Finding a Prairie.
Encamping for the Night.
Singular incident.
A Mirage on the Prairie.
Alarm in the Camp.
The Prairie discovered to be on fire.
Flight to the Sand Hills.
Their final escape.
Search for water.
Finding a stream.

Chapter Fifth.
Preparing a Supper.
Heavy Storm.
The Place of their Encampment.
Straggling Indians seen.
Apprehensions of an Attack.
Preparations of defense.
Approach of the Crows.
A Fight.
The Camp Attacked.
Capture of Five in the Camp.
The Pursuit.
Recovery of some of the Captured.
The pursuit Continued.
Tabagauches meet the Crows, and defeat them.
They are discovered.

And Much More

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