The Story of AB: A Tale of the Time of the Caveman

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This is the story of Ab, a man of the Age of Stone, who lived so long ago that we cannot closely fix the date, and who loved and fought well.

Ab and Lightfoot and others of the cave people whose story is told in the tale which follows the author cannot disown.

He has shown them as they were. Hungry and cold, they slew the fiercebeasts which were scarcely more savage than they, and were fed and clothed by their flesh and fur.

In the caves of the earth the cave men and their families were safely sheltered. Theirs were the elemental wants and passions.

They were swayed by love, in some form at least, by jealousy, fear, revenge, and by the memory of benefits and wrongs.

They cherished their young; they fought desperately with the beasts of their time, and with each other, and, when their brief, turbulent lives were ended, they passed into silence, but not into oblivion.

The old Earth carefully preserved their story, so that we, their children, may read it now………….

The eternal laws change man, but they themselves do not change.

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