Thrilling Adventures by Land and Sea by James O. Brayman

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There is in the adventures of the daring and heroic, something that interests all.

There is a charm about them which, while it partakes of the nature of Romance, does not exercise the same influence upon the mind or heart.

When there are noble purposes and noble ends connected with them, they excite in the mind of the reader, noble impulses.

The object of the present compilation is to form a readable and instructive volume–a volume of startling incident and exciting adventure, which shall interest all minds, and by its attractions beget thirst for reading with those who devote their leisure hours to things hurtful to themselves and to community.

We have endeavored to be authentic, and to present matter, which, if it sometimes fail to impart knowledge or instruction, or convey a moral lesson, will, at least, be innoxious.

But we trust we have succeeded in doing more than this–in placing before the reading public something that is really valuable, and that will produce valuable results.

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