Twitter and Facebook Marketing

Twitter and Facebook Marketing
My Name is Russell Sherrard. I am an experienced Social Media Marketer having 9 years of experience in Twitter marketing for multiple clients. The majority of my experience is with Authors and Writers as clients but will work with any legal and legitimate business.
Promote your book/ebook on twitter and anything digital. For example, Christian App. I can hear all the naysayers say that twitter is a cesspool and you can’t sell anything on twitter. I have been on twitter since August 2012. I am an author and I can tell you this is false. I have sold many, many books that I can track back to twitter. I have 11,000+ followers on twitter and it all depends on who you follow. My followers are about half political and half writers, authors and readers. Now there are some writers, and especially christian writers say that they don’t feel right selling their books. You mean to tell me that God led you to write the book and all that goes into it and not mean for you to not tell people about it? I just don’t buy it.
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I will send your messages either manually or scheduled. Will gain followers daily which could turn into customers. I will boost your traffic and business. I will do my research in order to understand your niche and I will make sure I can help you boost your business.
Contact me for longer campaigns including on an ongoing basis and please provide your Twitter Username and Password.
Twitter (3 Plans):
I will tweet out your ebook/book every day for 1 month for $1/day. I have 11,187 followers on Twitter. If I use your twitter account it is the same.
I will tweet your ebook/book 5 times in one day for $5. If you want more than one day it is $5 per day.
Ongoing basis – 4-5 tweets 5 times a day for a month – $45… and you can order more than one month.
I will post about your ebook/book to 27 of the more popular reader/writer groups for $2/day. More than 1 day available.
For more information or to schedule one of these plans send email to