Verse of the Day and Devotion 10/12/2023

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Verse of the Day

October 12th, 2023


Anyone who makes fun of wisdom will never find it… – Proverbs 14:6 ERV


After Yuri Gagarin had become the first-ever human in outer space, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev scoffed that the spaceman “had seen no God up there.”

While I was fact-checking this anecdote on Google, I promptly came across a comment that scorned that “fundamental creationists” are considered “anti-science fruitcakes.” No matter to what extent you identify as a “fundamental creationist,” the message is clear: heeding the Word of God is plain foolishness. A multitude of scientists, philosophers, and even theologians ridicule the Bible as a fairy-tale book at best, or as a source of evil misleading at worst. To a faithful, Bible-believing Christian, this tidal wave of mockery can be pretty intimidating.

Today’s verse, however, turns the whole thing upside down. If you read the book of Proverbs, it doesn’t take much effort to conclude that biblical wisdom isn’t so much about science or philosophy. More so, if we look at the broader perspective of Scriptures, the key to true wisdom becomes evident. The key to true wisdom is Jesus Christ, “in Whom all treasures of wisdom and knowledge are kept safe” (Colossians 2:3).

So, if we replace the word “wisdom” with “Christ” in today’s verse, we get: “Anyone who makes fun of Christ will never find Him…” To me, that sounds like the ultimate foolishness. That’s why verse seven warns, “Stay away from fools, there is nothing they can teach you.” The wise of this world are fools in the eyes of God. When it comes to our salvation, they can teach us nothing.

Therefore, don’t be intimidated when the world labels you an “anti-science fruitcake.” Instead, be encouraged by the wisdom that Christ embodies. Strengthen your mind and heart by internalizing His teachings. For He, and only He, teaches you the words that give eternal life.

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