Verse of the Day and Devotional 10/3/2019

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by Bible League International

Verse of the Day and Devotion

Remember your promise to me, your servant. It gives me hope.  – Psalm 119:49 ERV


You received a word from the Lord, a divine communication from above. To be sure, you have the promises of God from the Bible, like every other Christian, but this was something different. This was personal. The Lord made a promise to you that applies to you and to you only. Maybe, it concerned the career path He wanted you to take. Maybe, it concerned the well-being of a family member. Or, maybe it concerned your financial status. Whatever it was, you took it to heart. You believed the Lord and expected Him to make good on His promise.

However, it’s been a while and you haven’t seen any movement yet on the fulfillment of the promise. You’ve been keeping an eye out for it, but nothing seems to be happening. That’s why Psalm 119:49, our verse for today, has become important to you. You repeat the words, “Remember your promise to me, your servant,” most every single day. The Lord, of course, hasn’t forgotten anything. Nevertheless, you ask. Didn’t Jesus Himself tell the “Parable of the Persistent Widow?” Didn’t Jesus say that we should always pray and never give up? (Luke 18:1)

So, you pray. You pray the words of our verse all the time. You do it not just because the Lord wants you to pray, but also because it helps you. It reminds you of the Lord’s promise and the promise does the same thing for you that the psalmist says it did for him. He says, “It gives me hope.” It gives you hope as well because the Lord can be trusted and relied upon for an answer. His promises are as good as gold.

You can’t get that kind of hope from any other source. You can try, but the alternatives leave a lot to be desired. Hope that is based on the Lord God trumps every other kind. After all, the Lord rules and reigns over all things. He’s in control of everything, no exceptions. Where could you go to find a hope that is better based than that? Where could you find a better guarantor of a promise than Him?

Indeed, when you stop to think about it, apart from the Lord God you really wouldn’t have any solid basis for hope at all.

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