Weekly Trivia Contest: Animals

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TriviaEach week we will ask a trivia question in a subject of my choosing. The first person to send in the correct answer to russellsherrard at reagan dot com will receive a free ebook from my 4,000+ item Web Store! If you think you have the right answer, go to http://www.sherrardsebookresellers.com/ browse our inventory and choose your free book.

We did not have a winner last week. No one was able to answer the question: What substance can you drop onto a scorpions head to make it sting itself to death?

The answer was: Alcohol

Better luck next week.

Our question for this week is: When this New York undercover policeman exposed police corruption, fears for his safety caused him to quit the police force and leave the U.S. for Europe. In 1973 a film about his life was made. What was his name, and which actor played him in the film?

Good luck!

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