Why You Should Hire a Book Cover Designer by Katie Woodbine

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BooksAs the old saying goes don’t judge a book by its cover, but that is exactly what people do. You need to make sure your book cover is great, better than great, it needs to shout pick me up and read me great. The cover, after word-of-mouth, is what makes the person reach for the book on the shelf, or click the ‘buy’ button. It’s quite simply marketing 101.

So why not design the cover yourself? Easy. People can tell. Unless alongside your talent as a writer you are also a natural designer, people are going to pass straight by. There is a small window of opportunity to sell your book to potential readers, so your cover not only has to look great but also communicate within a moments glance what your book is about, the mood, the tone and so much more. Think of it this way; if you needed a haircut, would you try cutting it yourself or would you go to a professional? Some people can cut their own hair, and some people think they can. It’s no different when it comes to cover design. Your cover is your number one marketing tool, so why waste it?

If your cover looks amateurish, your potential readers are likely to think your writing is too. A good cover designer knows what makes a great book cover; they should after all it’s their job. Your writing is first class, so should your cover and as such needs to look like it belongs on the shelves of Barnes & Noble. Novelist Christiana Miller does a great job of describing the importance of good cover design:

‘A book cover is an invitation – a way of seducing the reader. It beckons, inviting them to enter the world of your book and dance with your characters for awhile. It makes a promise about what kind of music they’ll be dancing to.

Your cover should convey the tone and genre of your story, be eye-catching and, most importantly, look like it’s been professionally done.

Source: Huffington Post

Think of a cover as an investment. True, there are some book cover designers out there that charge a fortune, but equally there are many talented designers who are incredibly affordable, yet still deliver the same high standard of service. A good rule of thumb is to never go with the first designer you come across. Take your time, research your options until you find a designer who is a good fit for you as well as your bank balance.

Hiring a professional cover designer to give your book an edge, is one of the smartest investments you’ll make to get your book off the starting blocks and most importantly noticed.

Katie-WoodbineKatie Woodbine is the co-owner of eBook buddy, the self publishing and ebook specialists. If you’re looking for a dynamic cover for your book, why not let eBook buddy’s team of graphic designers turn your vision into a reality! Check out our cover design packages for more information and prices.

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