Author Interview: 10 Questions with Ruthie Madison

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Our interview today is with Ruthie LovesJesus Madison. Thanks for being here today Ruthie and for agreeing to do this interview.

Ruthie Madison

Question: What do you think prepared you or qualifies you to write in your chosen genre?

Answer: It seems like I have been writing stories for a long time. When I was younger, I wrote some Children’s stories, but they are lost. As I got older I started writing what I call wish fulfillment stories. Although my heroine always seem to be in some unfavorable situation, they always end up with a man in their life.

Question: Tell us a little about your “real” (Non-writing) life — family, job, church life. Does it give you inspiration for your writing? Does it get in the way of your writing, or are there times when you get help, from people or circumstances?

Answer: I live with my widowed mother and my older sister. I had my education in liberal arts, but I wasn’t able to get my teaching credential. (This is all on hold) So when I am not writing, I am shopping for family and or cooking for family. My whole family is Pentecostal—we attend Assemblies of God church when we can, when we can get a ride. It most definitely get in the way of my writing. I have to take the bus when I go shopping and it can take up to 2 hours. I am blessed enough to get help from people who knows I can’t afford much.

Question: Tell us about things you enjoy — what you do for fun or personal satisfaction?

Answer: Would you believe writing? When I write, it is like I am in another world. I also enjoying singing, crocheting, reading and walking.

Question: Tell us about working with any people who help you create your books — Do you use Beta readers? Hire an editor or proofreader? How do you get your covers?

Answer: It seems like I have to. With my very first book, I used no oen and the end result was my book came out unprofessionally. Since I have been in groups on Facebook, I get told I need to hire an editor, then a proofreader and so forth. I wasn’t going to ask a beta reader for my upcoming book, my editor suggest I do. I also am finding out I can’t just use any photo I want because of copyright issues so I am asking people to do a cover for me

Question: Tell us about your newest book. Make us want to read it.

Answer: Jesus Paid it All is not your typical paranormal romance. It is very much Christian and it shows how a weak Christian can get out of the snare she is in. It is about one woman who was seduced by a Wiccan as well as her husband who was stationed in Afghanistan. It is all about a plot a brother and sister had in order to convince the main character’s husband to sign the divorce papers. Why? Darlene, the main character’s mother used to be a Wiccan, but because her mother left the coven, Darlene must take her mother’s place and marry the offspring of the witch who was jilted by her mother.

Question: What’s your next project? Tell us so we can’t wait for it to come out!

Answer: After Jesus Paid it All, it will be my first YA fiction called The Kalliwagans.

Question: What is your current WIP? Answer: Right now I am working on another version of A Second Chance at Love.

A Second Chance at Love

Question: How many books do you have out?

Answer: After Halloween, I should have three

Question: What is your favorite book/character?

Answer: My favorite book used to be A Second Chance at Love, but I am loving my latest one! It is the only one where I actually like the bad guy. 😀 (In this case Diethelm the Wiccan)

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