Barbara J. Shelton’s Review – “The Lewis Legacy Series” by Joann Durgin

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The Lewis Legacy Series

The Lewis Legacy Series Boxed Set collects the first three books–Awakening, Second Time Around, and Twin Hearts–in JoAnn Durgin’s popular Christian romance series.


A God-fearing man. A God-seeking woman. For Sam Lewis and Lexa Clarke, it proves a combustible combination. You’ll keep turning the pages of this sweeping romantic adventure. With great characters, plenty of humor, enough emotion to make you shed a tear or two, and an ending that’ll have you cheering, Awakening will leave you breathless. Hold on tight.

Second Time Around:

Newlyweds Marc and Natalie Thompson have it all, but two months after the wedding, Natalie suffers a horrible fall. Not only does she not remember their life together, but now Marc has a personal timeline to reconnect with her—seven months. You’ll root for them as they fight against the odds to find their way back to one another…the second time around.

Twin Hearts:

Joshua is a man redeemed. It’s been more than four years since the fateful events in San Antonio when Sam threw him out of the missions camp, and he’s still haunted by the bittersweet memory of his final meeting with another volunteer. When he also seeks her forgiveness, he gets the shock of his life. Could turning his deepest sin into his greatest blessing be God’s answer for his hurting heart?

Get ready for romance, adventure, friendship, faith and family in each installment of the Lewis Legacy Series with Sam and Lexa Lewis and their lively TeamWork Missions volunteers.

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JoAnn Durgin’s writing began reflecting who she is in Christ with the first novel in this trilogy – The Lewis Legacy.  What fun and imagination she wrote into “Awakening,” the story of Lexa Clark and Sam Lewis and the beginning of their romance…in fact a hint of several romances being shaped through God’s plans.  The thought occurred to me often that this possibly was actually a recounting of the truth about a real romance written as fiction.  It takes place in Sam’s TeamWork camp, a Christian mission summer setting with interesting characters to know and love as this trilogy continues.  I recall this book was one of the first I reviewed ever…and I simply wrote:  “A delightful and heartwarming story about Sam Lewis and Lexa Clark in their romantic duel.  You’ll need to read this sweet book to find out who won!”  My rating was five stars.  So with that noted, let’s venture on to JoAnn Durgin’s next five star stories…….

The Second Time Around was written on a more serious tone including mystery and adventure about Sam & Lexa’s friends, newlyweds Mark and Natalie.  JoAnn was right on target immersing her love of the Lord in His many ways explaining WWJD (What would Jesus do?) in the numerous sub-stories.  Each of JoAnn’s writings indicates her development of writing skills and obedience to God’s Word.  She definitely listens in her still small moments for God’s voice.  My review quote – “JoAnn’s second book, “The Second Time Around,” builds on the story of other friends of Sam & Lexa,  newlyweds Mark and Natalie. This book involves the trust and renewal of faith in God as well as suspense involving the amnesia of one of the partners early in the newlywed’s marriage due to an untimely accident. Guilt preys on the mind of the other partner because the accident could have been prevented had they performed a needed repair on rotten wood steps. The couple struggles painfully to renew the marriage and bring back the memory of the injured spouse being married to the other. Sam & Lexa are the catalysts of friendship who help the couple find solutions. An engaging story you’ll not be able to put down until you find out what happens… mysteries will be answered with God’s help.”

“Twin Hearts,” – again, JoAnn’s increased skill at good clean Christian writing is about the redemption of the sins of a former TeamWork member.  It is a tear jerker, a heartwarmer – a “can’t put this book down” read regarding the surprising blessings that occur in Ms Durgin’s quality writing about sin and redemption.  Again, JoAnn listens to that still small voice within that develops an even more interesting story from one talented writer.  JoAnn is an extraordinary story teller.  She never stoops beneath the line of dignity to enlighten a story about matters not easily discussed.  Twin Hearts received my 5 star rating and this review: “ JoAnn Durgin and God were in constant consultation while this book was being written. Twin Hearts is JoAnn’s finest and most tender story, in my estimation. The characters come alive off the page, she develops them so vividly. She writes the details so clearly I felt myself wanting to enter into verbal conversation with the characters. JoAnn wrote in perfectly ethical situations and outcomes. I love the people and characters in this series of books. I can’t wait for her next work. I know it will be a clear collaboration with our Abba father. With that kind of guidance….JoAnn can’t go wrong!”

Oh yes, it’s easy to recommend all of JoAnn’s writings.  Her very soul and love for Jesus appears in every page.  From the moment of our friendship until this day – I am blessed knowing JoAnn Durgin in a more personal way, sharing about our lives and supporting one another in love and prayer.  JoAnn’s sweet soul appears in each new writing.  It has been my privilege to review her recent awesome publishings; and encourage you to read everything she writes in the future and catch up on her past novels.  God has truly blessed JoAnn with many fruits of the Spirit that makes her an inspiration to me, and a respected friend.

About the Author:

JoAnn Durgin

JoAnn Durgin lives with her husband, Jim, and their three children in southern Indiana and works as a full-time administration paralegal in Louisville, Kentucky. She’s a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers and the Louisville Christian Writers.

Please visit her at or at Author JoAnn Durgin on Facebook.

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