Book Spotlight: One Year Bible American Standard Version 1/11/2022

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by Russell Sherrard

Book Spotlight

One Year Bible

American Standard Version

by Russell Sherrard


One Year Bible ASV
One Year Bible American Standard Version

This is a one year Bible. The Bible is divided into 366 sections. Each section is one day. I you keep up with it and read it every day, by the end of the year you will have read the entire Bible. I have included a “Table of Contents” as part of this book. Each day has a link, and With just 2 clicks from the Table of Contents you can get to any day in the entire book. If you are at a point where there is not a link to a day, you can always click or press the Menu and a pop-up menu will appear in which you can go to the Cover, Table of Contents, or Go to the Beginning. Choosing either of these options to navigate to certain portions of the book. This book is optimized for Text-to-Speech. However, TTS only works for the Kindle Touch, Kindle Keyboard (K3) and Kindle DX. That, however, does not prevent you from enjoying this book. You will just have to read it yourself. Now, as for the Kindle Fire, it has been commonly thought that the Fire does not have TTS. But I have found a way to implement TTS on the Fire. But it is very primitive and tedious and does not work on Kindle Books. The files that it reads have to be in pure text format. If you would like to know how to implement it on the Fire please email me and I will show you. One note of interest, the Kindle Fire was shipped with a TTS engine installed so this leads me to believe that eventually Amazon will implement full TTS at a later date. We shall see.

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