Christian Home Business Association: Your Key to Success!

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by Russell Sherrard

Keyhole to Success

We’re Doing Business A New Way:
Honestly, Without Hype, and With Your Success
Rather Than Our Profits as the Top Priority

Christian Home Business Association

What We Stand For and What We Won’t Stand For

We were founded by experienced, successful, ethical Christian entrepreneurs who got sick and tired of all the hype and lies in the home business “industry” as well as the lack of common sense and sound Christian values on the part of those who buy into all those get-rich-quick schemes — many of which are scams. We think that appealing to people’s greed and laziness tends to attract greedy, lazy people. And guess what? Those are not the kind of people who build successful home businesses. If you would like to join together with your brothers and sisters in Christ to work to build an ethical home business you can feel good about, then we invite you to join, or learn more about, the Christian Home Business Association (CHBA). We are not affiliated with any particular denomination or church.

The Christian Home Business Association’s monthly membership dues are low cost and high advantage. Here are some (but not all) of our benefits and services:

CHBA provides its members with home business information, unique business services and tools; Christian inspiration and Bible-based guidance for self and business; plus, a means to earn extra money from home! So if you already have a home-based business you are promoting, that’s great — we are the association for you. And, if you do not already have a home-based business but would like to start earning an income from home — that is awesome — because we are the organization for you too!

We offer generous bonuses for helping us to grow our membership. As a niche association, we are especially grateful for any help that our members provide in sharing the word about, and introducing new members to, theChristian Home Business Association. We offer referral bonuses from 5% up to 25% depending on the membership level of the referring member (as well as the same Bonus for every renewal period that the referred member remains an active, paying member)!

*** So please do take a moment right now, before you set this flyer aside, to visit the website of the person who referred you to us, it is listed below. You can find out more details about how membership in this association can help you build your current home-based business(es), help you grow your faith and let it spread through your business practices, and — how you can earn an income spreading the word about this fantastic association!

*** Please visit my website at:

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