Interview with Terri Seymour of Seymour Products

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From time to time we will publish interviews with people who are making money online and how they are doing it.

Today we interview Terri Seymour of Seymour Products, who is better know online as “the eBook Lady”. Terri is the person that got me interested and involved in the reselling of eBooks and one of her services is to provide unlimited email support to help you build your ebook business. Sherrard’s eBook Resellers is the result.

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1. How long have you been in the business on the internet selling eBooks?

I have been in internet marketing since about 1998 but actually didn’t get into selling ebooks until about 2005.  I sort of accidentally got into ebooks while running another business but the ebooks did so well, they became my one and only business!

 2. Did you start out selling eBooks?

My first online venture was actually selling homemade craft items.  This did not do well.  I then went into internet marketing and advertising in general.  I also tried direct sales with Watkins.  And my last venture before ebooks came along was selling home décor and gift items.  None of these compare with the success I have had with ebooks.

3. Where do you find eBooks that you sell?

I love searching the internet for good ebooks.  It is like a treasure hunt.  I don’t stick with just one place – I find them wherever I can.  I have always loved books and still prefer holding a print book in my hands but ebooks do have a lot of advantages.

4. Do you, yourself write eBooks?

I have written and sold a few ebooks.  I have a couple of my ebooks in our store.  I have written about ezine publishing and how to build your online business.  I have learned so much since way back when I first came online!  I would love to write ebooks on different subjects but it is very hard to find the time while running a busy ebook store.  😉

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