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BooksSelling your products and services to online shoppers is the main, but not the only way to earn revenue from your website. You need to position your website so that it earns maximum revenue. You need to identify and setup additional sources of income like Ad Networks, Affiliate Programs, Selling Advertising Space on your website etc. In fact, the business models of some websites leave the revenue-earning part to these ‘additional sources’. For example, content sites make money by selling advertising privately or through ad networks. All these additional income sources as well as tips of increasing your product sales are discussed in detail in the topics that follow.

1. Google AdSense

Monetize Your Website with Google’s AdSense program for Publishers. Google AdSense is a program launched by Google – a leading search engine, for publishers, i.e. website owners. Non U.S. publishers are also accepted for the program. To start using Adsense, go to and sign up.

2. Advertising Networks

Join an Advertising Network to Sell Ad Space Inventory on Your Website. An Advertising network serves advertisers as well as website publishers. It represents individual websites who wish to buy or sell advertising.

To earn advertising revenue from your website, you must join an ad network. An Ad Network will immediately start serving ads on your website and you will receive monthly earnings. Ad networks are either CPM, i.e., they pay you for the number of times their ads are viewed irrespective of clicks or CPC i.e., you are paid only when a banner is clicked upon.

Some top level advertising networks are and

3. Selling Private Advertising

Earn Income by Selling Advertising on Your Own to Private Buyers. Set up a page with details for advertisers so that interested visitors know your ad rates, visitor info and contact details. Use unsold ad space to display your own ‘specials’ ads or display ads from an ad network.

4. Affiliate Programs

Become an Affiliate and Earn Money by Recommending Others’ Products. Choose an affiliate program and add links that go with your website content in prominent places. Promote your affiliate links as you would promote your own products and you will soon see good results. Some good affiliate programs are and

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