Sheila Deeth’s New Release “Bethlehem’s Story”

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Have you ever wished you could find a morning and evening devotional book for kids?
Based on the Bible, children’s sermons in church, science, history, geography, and more, Bethlehem’s Baby offers forty Christmas stories, each referencing a Bible verse or verses, each capped with a simple prayer, and each presenting a new intriguing vignette of the ancient world for parents and children to enjoy.
Meet the shepherd boy whose granddad keeps complaining about the noise; the Babylonian student sent to find a reason for the star; the elderly grandfather whose house is overrun by relatives when Rome demands a census; the mother who’s sure God wouldn’t send angels and miracles to boring ordinary people like her family…

And that, of course, is part of why I write these stories. I’m a pretty boring ordinary person. I’m a mathematician who can’t add up and a writer who can’t spell. I’m well qualified and I’ve written a lot, but I’m really not very special; I’m certainly not perfect; and God still cares about me.

Children, all too often, know, all too well, how very imperfect they are. They find it just as hard as adults to believe God really cares. And sometimes they need a reminder, just like we do, that God, in Jesus, entered a very real historical world, filled with real historical people, and lived a real life—just for us. God, who made it all, made himself a part of it all!

A morning and evening devotional book helps us remember how much God has given, and strengthens us to commit to Him each day. I hope Bethlehem’s Baby might make God’s gifts more tangible to children and their parents, and strengthen their commitment too. At the very least, perhaps it will remind them the Bible’s more than fiction and the Savior’s more than fact.

Thank you so much, Russell, for being willing to host me on your blog.
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