The Light of the Western Stars by Zane Gray

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Adventure, Romance, Action and More!

A big black horse had surmounted the rim of the mesa and was just breaking into a run.

His rider yelled sharply to the cowboys.

Helen was not alone in her admiration, for Madeline divided her emotions between growing alarm of some danger menacing and a thrill and quickening of pulse-beat that tingled over her whenever she saw Stewart in violent action.

No action of his was any longer insignificant, but violent action meant so much.

For one moment she remembered Stillwell and all his talk about fun, and plots, and tricks to amuse her guest.

Then she discountenanced the thought. Stewart might lend himself to a little fun, but he cared too much for a horse to run him at that speed unless there was imperious need.

That alone sufficed to answer Madeline’s questioning curiosity.

And her alarm mounted to fear not so much for herself as for her guests.

But what danger could there be?

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