Verse of the Day and Devotional 2/22/2024

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by Bible League International

Verse of the Day and Devotional
February 22nd, 2024

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Then Boaz said to the elders and all the people, “You are witnesses today that I am buying from Naomi everything that belonged to Elimelech, Kilion, and Mahlon. I also took Ruth to be my wife. – Ruth 4:9-10 ERV


The fourth chapter of Ruth outlines the redemption of Ruth and her mother-in-law Naomi. They are in the process of returning to Bethlehem. Both women lost their husbands, yet Ruth chose to serve Naomi rather than go off and fulfill her own life and desire to marry again. This story shows a beautiful process of God’s redemptive work as Ruth and Naomi labor in their faith. Ruth waits on Boaz in marriage with Naomi having a place of family in this divine matrimony.

Boaz steps in as the kinsmen redeemer, substituting himself for the rightful eldest kinsmen to buy back Naomi’s family land. In the fullness of God’s glory, Boaz represents Christ as our Kinsmen Redeemer. The One who willingly substituted Himself in place of our death as judgement for sin. The shedding of His blood redeemed and purchased earth and humankind, returning both back to God from Satan’s rule.

Boaz emulates the heart of Christ in that he has a heart not for the field, but first and foremost for the Bride. His desire was to have Ruth in marriage, and the property was the blessing to bring joy and peace into not only her life, but Naomi’s as well. Such is the heart of Christ for you and I. He is not worried about the world. His day will come. Jesus is more concerned today about your heart and salvation and that you enter His joy and the marriage supper of the Lamb. Christ’s concern is for the spiritual health of you and I and His Bride, the Church. Such should be the heart of every believer. We are to love and care for one another as Christ cares for His people and His church.

Although Naomi and Ruth suffered in much sorrow and difficulty, they were redeemed to heavenly heights neither could ever imagine. The bloodline of Christ comes from the marriage of Ruth and Boaz, and Naomi shared in the blessing of caring and raising their child. “No one has ever seen, no one has ever heard, no one has ever imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him” (1 Corinthians 2:9 ERV). From the beginning of Ruth, Naomi is seen as hopeless and empty. But in the end, her land and life are redeemed and her heart was transformed from bitterness to rejoicing! Ruth, the astounding picture of faith, chose to sacrifice her life and her goals and desires to serve her mother-in-law. In the end, we see God’s redemptive work leading her into a place of rest, a blessed marriage for her daughter-in-law, and a new family.

Where does our help come from? “God’s kingdom is like a treasure hidden in a field. One day a man found the treasure. He hid it again and was so happy that he went and sold everything he owned and bought the field” (Matthew 13:44 ERV). Jesus gave everything He had to redeem His treasure, His field, you and I. We are blood bought from the corruption of sin and its sentence to hell, to the redeemed promise of eternal life and His blessings for today.

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