Verse of the Day and Devotional 3/9/2023

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Verse of the Day

March 9th, 2023


Think about what we have in Christ: the encouragement he has brought us, the comfort of his love, our sharing in his Spirit, and the mercy and kindness he has shown us. – Philippians 2:1 ERV


You have been given so much. Never forget it. Never take it for granted. Think about the good things you have in Christ. Think about them so that you’ll always stay grateful for them. There are many things to be grateful for in Christ, but our verse for today highlights four of them.

First, think about the encouragement Christ has brought you. You may be going through various trials, troubles, tribulations, and persecutions, but Jesus gives you the encouragement you need to go through them and to go through them with peace and equanimity. He does not leave you alone in your suffering. He encourages and helps you all along the way. That’s why you haven’t given up. That’s why you’ll never give up. The encouragement of Christ will not let that happen.

Second, think about the comfort of His love. You are loved by none other than Jesus Christ himself. Isn’t that good to know? Isn’t that comforting? Knowing that you’re loved by someone makes you happy. Knowing that you’re loved by Christ makes you supremely happy. It fills you with joy. The Bible describes it as a “wonderful and heavenly joy that cannot be explained.” (I Peter 1:8). Those who do not have Christ know nothing of this joy.

Third, think about the sharing of His Spirit. The Holy Spirit isn’t just the Spirit of the Father. He is also the Spirit of the Son. You share in that Spirit. He dwells in you. Indeed, the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in you (Romans 8:11). The Spirit empowers you and enables you to do what you have to do in life. It is a supernatural anointing that takes you above and beyond what you could ever do on your own.

Finally, think about the mercy and kindness He has shown you. Like the rest of us, you deserve to be punished for your sins. You deserve eternal death and punishment. For you, however, that’s not going to happen because of the mercy and kindness of Christ. It’s because He decided to suffer and die for you. Instead of eternal death, then, you’ll have eternal life.

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